Time to Reinstall…but What?

Well, the ancient desktop computer I was using as a web server to host vulnerable web apps on my isolated testing network has finally erupted in pain.  It froze during updates, completely unable to cancel the updates or exit the terminal.

After a hard reboot, we get this:

linux tower break
linux tower break

Which is nice, because I’ve been meaning to update this box for a while now.  To what, I have no idea, probably just Ubuntu Server 16 LTS since it’s going to be a web server and not really a target itself.  Or…could it?  I suppose it could be a target itself, the more the merrier.

As soon as my isolated lab network gets rearranged, I’ll be posting more tests, attacks, and explorations into pentesting tools.  I mean, this blog is titled “InfiniteHacks”, and it’s definitely true when it comes to tools and attacks to test.




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