NIST RFC on stateful hash-based signatures

This is pretty cool to see come through my feed today after seeing an article on the subject of “quantum-safe” cryptography in this recent issue of 2600 magazine. It’s been on my list to check out, it’s a fascinating development in computing.

The questions they mention in the release are:

“NIST currently intends to approve both LMS and XMSS. Because stateful hash-based signatures are prone to misuse, NIST seeks input on the following questions: 

  • How should NIST’s specification characterize the applications for which such signatures are, or are not, appropriate?
  • What requirements and guidance for protecting against misuse should NIST include beyond what is provided in the IETF specifications?”


Stateful Hash-Based Signatures

Request for Public Comments on Stateful Hash-Based Signatures (HBS)

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