2/5/19 Healthcare Security News

HHS Warns Health IT Infrastructure Could Put Patient Data At Risk

“All levels of government and society have roles to play to improve the nation’s health security. We must strategically strengthen our partnerships with the aim of improving operational effectiveness and building needed capabilities. We must marshal our best minds and best practices to spur innovation to counter emerging risks, some of which we have not faced in our lifetimes,” the report concluded.”

Ransomware Attack on Florida’s FABEN OB-GYN Results in Data Loss

“As a result, FABEN permanently lost files including blood sugar logs, blood pressure logs, Family and Medical Leave Act documentation, and medical records provided to the OB-GYN in paper form during that time period.”

Roper St. Francis, Valley Professionals Phishing Attacks Breach Patient Data

“A VPCHC employee fell victim to a phishing attempt, in which the hacker sent an email impersonating a health organization that had worked with the health network in the past. The email appeared to be genuine and looked as if it came from a known sender.”

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