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Episode 9 – Advanced Persistent Podcast

17 MARCH 2020

TITLE: E9: 3/17/2020 – Advanced Persistent Podcast

InfiniteHacks – Advanced Persistent Podcast

Welcome to the Advanced Persistent Podcast for Tuesday March 17, 2020 – your source for daily security news from, sponsored by Moonside Solutions Technology Services, specializing in cloud deployment, security and field technology services in the northern plains region.

My name is Mike, coming at you from moderately chilly Minnesota,

So let’s get to it!

Stay informed on the coronavirus pandemic with Bing and Microsoft News

Elections amid coronavirus: How officials aim to keep voters safe

As coronavirus spreads, attackers won’t let up on healthcare systems

Vulnerability Summary for the Week of March 9, 2020

Open-source security: This is why bugs in open-source software have hit a record high

Health workers are top of phishers’ target lists thanks to data value

Europol Arrests 26 SIM Swapping Fraudsters For Stealing Over $3 Million
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