Episode 10 – Advanced Persistent Podcast

23 MARCH 2020

TITLE: E10: 3/23/2020 – Advanced Persistent Podcast

InfiniteHacks – Advanced Persistent Podcast

Welcome to the Advanced Persistent Podcast for Monday March 23, 2020 – your source for security news from InfiniteHacks.tech, sponsored by Moonside Solutions Technology Services.

My name is Mike, and yes there was a gap in the show last week, but just like Cheech Marin said about the Titanic in Ghostbusters II – “better late than never.”

So let’s get to it!
Monday review – the hot 23 stories of the week

COVID Phishing Update – Insurance Coverage Lures

Microsoft Pauses Edge Releases Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

CISA-Vulnerability Summary for the Week of March 16, 2020
Original release date: March 23, 2020

Justice Dep’t tackles coronavirus scam site, first of probably many

Windows code-execution zeroday is under active exploit, Microsoft warns

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