Episode 16 – Advanced Persistent Podcast

7 APRIL 2020

InfiniteHacks – Advanced Persistent Podcast

Welcome to Episode 16 of the Advanced Persistent Podcast for Tuesday, April 7th, 2020 – your source for security news from InfiniteHacks.tech, sponsored by Moonside Solutions Technology Services.

My name is Mike, and I’m here to talk about today’s cybersecurity headlines!

So let’s get to it!
Still deciding on music for the intro and outro, haven’t decided yet. One of these days it’ll just show up,
since I’ll be doing this for a while. An exercise in consistency and discipline.


Bulletin (SB20-097) Vulnerability Summary for the Week of March 30, 2020

Over 350,000 Microsoft Exchange servers still open to flaw that’s under attack: Patch now

600,000 people affected in email provider breach

These hackers have been quietly targeting Linux servers for years

DarkHotel hackers use VPN zero-day to breach Chinese government agencies

Microsoft Buys Corp.com So Bad Guys Can’t

Phishing and Malware Attacks Against NASA Employees Have Doubled

New email service, OnMail, will let recipients control who can send them mail

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